About the Breed

So…you have fallen for those beautiful blue eyes and that incredible look.  You want one!  But…are you the right one for them? 

The Magic

These dogs are literally the Houdini’s of the dog world.  They have the intelligence to squeeze through the smallest of spaces, open doors, climb fences, run through invisible fences, chew through tie outs, unhook themselves from leashes, and open gates to get their freedom.  You have never seen anything like a husky’s ability to perform the disappearance act!


The Energy

Siberian Huskies were born to pull sleds across great distances, for long periods of time, in sub zero weather.  You can’t ask for better stamina.  However they will get along just fine in a home setting with adequate exercise.  Does that mean you have to be an athlete to keep up? No.  You just have to give your Sibe a way to burn some of that energy.  You can take walks, you can sled them, you can toss the ball around.  They just like being with you.  So just find something you can do together.


The Landscaper

Siberians love to dig.  Whether it’s in the summer to stay cool, winter to stay warm, or just for fun.  They can dig holes in no time, big enough for them to completely be hidden.  So if you need a little help re-landscaping…

Nanook digging

The Shedder

Siberians have some of the longest, thickest, and most gorgeous fur.  This however does not mean they EVER need to be shaved.  They are insulated from the cold AND the heat with their hair.  Weekly (and during shedding season, daily) brushing will get you through just fine.


The Picky Eater

Siberians were bred to preform with minimal amounts of food.  They require less per pound than many other breeds their same size.  They seem to monitor their own intake.  Some will even be stubborn enough to try to hold out for table food or try to train their owner what to feed them!

Picky Eater

The Nomad

Siberian Huskies can almost never be off leash.  Only very highly trained huskies can ever be off leash and then I still wouldn’t trust it!


The Social Butterfly

Siberian Huskies are pack-oriented animals.  Whether their pack is of other dogs, humans, or a combination of both; they easily bond with others. Because of this they almost always have separation anxiety.  When left alone they can easily destroy things because they are upset at being left alone.  Crating is a great tool to help combat this problem and keep them (and your belongings) safe.

IMG 0246

The Non-Guard Dog

Siberians are NOT guard dogs.  They would allow anyone to waltz into your home and take whatever they wanted.  But on the positive side, Sibes are usually pretty friendly to be able to take just about anywhere!

IMG 0706

The Prey Drive

Siberians by nature have a high prey drive.  For this reason it is best to train them to tolerate and socialize with many different sized dogs, cats, and other animals.  An un-socialized huskies can see other animals as prey.


The Smart One

Training a Siberian Husky is a challenge to say the least.  They are extremely intelligent and stubborn, which can be difficult when training.  They might talk back when you ask them to sit, and soon you will find yourself having a conversation with your Siberian about why it is that they should sit for you.  Or they very well could stare directly at you in complete understanding of the command and decide they just don’t feel like listening.  

Positive reinforcement is the only way to train a Siberian; that and a sense of humor.  Praising your husky will get you much further than trying to force them to do anything.  Please consider taking a class with your Siberian.  It is a wonderful tool to help the two of you get to know each other and to properly socialize your dog with others.

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