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If one knows the breed, one also knows that there are far easier dogs to care for than Siberian huskies.  Notoriously stubborn and highly active, they also come with an insane amount of shedding and digging, they love to run and hunt and some (ok…almost all) have separation anxiety. They have high prey drive, they are extremely intelligent and will test your every last nerve.  So, why would we take on such a challenge?  Having had my own Siberian husky and learning the hard way (not researching the breed prior to adopting) my first experience with my brand new baby bundle of joy was not a good one.  When I bought him (Nanook) from a breeder 12 years ago, I knew nothing about Siberian huskies and he completely turned my world upside down. He ate my carpet all the way to the sub floor, ripped wall paper and trim off my walls, tore a huge hole in my sectional couch, and pottied all over my house in one 8 hour day while I was at work. I had no idea how much work my beautiful blue-eyed puppy was going to be.

So, why start a rescue for this beautiful yet cantankerous breed?  Once I realized the need to research my precious Nanook’s breed, I realized it was going to take a lot of patience and love on both mine and Nanook’s part to figure out how to share and enjoy our new life together.  I knew the population of huskies was probably overwhelming in shelters because of similar situations where people didn’t have as much patience. So I started to rescue.

In honor of my dear Nanook, I founded Howl at the Moon Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. in 2010.  As of this date, “Howl” has taken in over 650 dogs.   All of our dogs are neutered or spayed, they have all tested heart worm negative, all are on preventives, up to date on shots, and micro-chipped.

The success of any rescue relies heavily on one thing that Howl does not have:  volunteers to help.  In addition to volunteers, rescues also rely on fosters for their adoptable dogs (another thing Howl is without.)  Any true “animal lover” knows what a joy it can bring to help an animal in need.  Even the simplest of tasks (cleaning kennels, walking the dogs, teaching commands) can turn any frown upside down.  Just knowing that you’ve helped an animal conjures the feeling of pride and accomplishment.

If you are interested in a new companion, research the breed traits—regardless of the type of animal you think you want.  Each breed of dog has its own personality traits; none so defined as the Siberian Husky.

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